Registration Overview

Registration is now open for 2019.
Firstly register for the Active Kids Voucher to get $100 off Registration. Click to read More...
Once you have the active kids voucher follow second link to Registration  and scroll down to "Get Started"
Before you start the registration process you will need:
·         Your child’s height (cm) and weight (kg)
·         Please select 'No' when asked to make profile private
·         A Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card

* Please do not guess height and weight

If your child plays up an age group please enter them in their actual chronological age and we will sort it out.
The processing fee is charged by the system administrators not the club.


The below fees exclude the $100 active rebate voucher and any $20 Sibling discount

U5s       $165
U6-7     $240
U8-9     $250
U10-16 $280
U17-18 $160

Registration Links

What's included in Registration 2019?


Great news. We are employing a professional Club coach for the 2019 season which will help the kids and volunteer club coaches develop great skills.


We have expanded the kit provided this season to include hoodies (new players) alongside the cap, socks, shorts and ball (minis) for your child to keep.

This in addition to the loaned match shirt for the season.

Insurance, Match and Ground Fees

Registration fees pay for all match and ground fees. This also covers your child in the ARU Insurance Plan.