Our Philosiphy

The Club's philosophy of playing for the enjoyment of the game and our emphasis on the team rather than the individual has been a major contributor to our success to date and something we intend to continue in the future. 

As a part of that philosophy the club has adopted an approach that as far as possible we will try to organise teams so that boys can play with their mates (within competition guidelines for age etc).  This sets us apart from other clubs where there can be an emphasis on grading individual players such that friends with differing abilities are split into different teams.

We are a small and very friendly club with a village atmosphere that keeps players and parents coming back so come along and see what makes us different. Below are some quotes from some of our parents (used with permission):

"Thanks for the update on registrations, we trust 2010 continues to be a great year for Roseville. Sadly, my son is at the back end of his Roseville Rugby career being in Yr 12. Although registered last year his school and other commitments precluded him from playing for the opens team. Both my boys have had a fantastic Roseville Rugby experience (2001 to 2008) which helped them to both be Gordon Junior Reps. and I hope that their future progress with their Rugby helps Roseville to be judged as a truly successful, nurturing and caring junior Rugby club. That is truly what Roseville is."

"Thus ends a 9 year association with Roseville, which has been a fantastic club for both Seamus and Aedan, but also wonderful and welcoming to parents and families. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Tony and all in the club for your friendship and hard work over the years. Both boys have a passion for the game which can only come from the strong nurturing environment provided by the club." 

Our  coaching approach - on and off the field is to ensure that the game is played for the right reasons these include:

  • Play for fun, enjoyment and friendship
  • Develop an appreciation of team sport
  • Work to improve skills, fitness and motivation
  • Develop leadership and sportsmanship
  • Accept winning and losing graciously
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team
  • Engender a spirit of community and club involvement
  • Recognise the voluntary contributions from dedicated individuals

The Club exists for the players first, parents and supporters second. Please also read the Code of Conduct as all Roseville players, families and supporters are asked to sign the Code of Conduct as part of registration.

Roseville teams play under the Pathway system in the following Age Groups:

  • Under 6 and 7 - Walla Rugby.
  • Under 8 and Under 9 - Mini Rugby.
  • Under 10 and Under 11 - Midi Rugby.
  • Under 12 through Under 16 - Under 19 Rules.

Roseville teams play under the Pathway system in the following Age Groups:

  • Minis; U6’s, U7’s, U8’s and U9’s  - Try Rugby.
  • Juniors U10’s and U11’s – Try Rugby
  • Juniors U12s through U16’s - Under 19 Rules

Under 6 through Under 9 Age Groups play in the Gordon Minis Competition with Village Clubs from Northern Suburbs and Gordon Junior Rugby Union clubs.

Under 10 through Under 16 Age Groups play in the MNZ Competition with Village Clubs from Northern Suburbs, Gordon, Manly and Warringah Junior Rugby Union clubs.